Safety Protection Services

– Audit Risk Assessments, Identifying key areas for improvement.
– Safety Strategy development, outlining procedures and solutions.
– Implementation of a customized Injury Prevention Plan, outlining the necessary
  standards to support a growing safety culture.
– Specialized training sessions to management and front line staff on safe
  practices and prevention plans.
– Investigation documentation, reporting incidents of injuries and identifying
  reduction strategies.
– Summary reports to the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC)

– Coordination with WSIB, managers and medical staff to ensure timely reporting
  of workplace injuries or illnesses, and all claim documentation.
– Hazard and equipment inspections and analysis.
– Analyze , identify and report key performance indicators to evaluate the impact of
  safety initiative and activates, ensuring 100% regulation compliance.
– Security and emergency preparedness training to all level employees.
– Consulting on various safety training trgulations and best practices, including
  WHIMIS, Fall Prevention, Environmental Spill Control, Fire Prevention, Confined
  Space Management and more.

Accidents are avoidable, and compliance is the law.